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      Hi! I’d be glad if someone could help me out, as this has been driving me crazy. I’ve recorded a dark video using my phone Sony Z3. Played perfectly (just dark because of low lighting). Trimmed it using ffmpeg, still perfect. So I tried HitFilm 3 Express to make it brighter, all cool, but the video is a tiny bit faster than the audio! Adobe Premiere – same thing. It starts in sync but after 3 minutes there’s a difference of sth like 0.5s. I’ve been using the project sample rate for audio and frame rate for video as in the source (48KHz and 29.97fps respectively). Also tried exporting in constant bitrate – to no effect. The discrepancy is present already in the preview in the editing software. Ridiculously enough, in HitFilm, both the video clip and the audio clip are the same in length… but the audio is cut off when the video clip ends, leaving the final bit unplayed, and there is no way to expand the audio clip beyond that point. Is there anything I can do other than spending the next 5 years all days improving my programming skills to write my own video editing software?

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      I’m wondering why you used ffmpeg to trim it when Premiere could do that as well as do anything else you need to do it. Try dropping the original video into Premiere and see what happens.


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      Someone on this thread says that 2:3 pulldown could be the issue when there’s a sync problem (weird but worth a read). Good luck:

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      I agree with rs170a, try to drop your video in Adobe Premier and edit from there instead of trimming it through ffmpeg. This will reduce the hassle of editing in various software and syncing them.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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