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      Hello Everyone!


      As some of you know, I am in the planning stages of a micro budget documentary. I have my camera chosen (Canon Rebel t3i) and now I am working on sound…. I have no idea about sound and need some help. This is going to be a documentary so I know I'll have to get lav mics but other than that I'm not sure how to set everything up… any help? Thank you everyone who responds 🙂 



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      Hi T-Nichs,


      Here are some videos to get you started:










      Now this is a great start you might also google search about gear you are interested in such as mic's and recorders. 


      What I personally use is a Zoom H4N with an interview mono microphone (the ones reporters use) and I plan to get a boom mic/pole for my other XLR input. Now if you need to hide your mic's your options are lav/boom. the drawbacks with both of these mic's or really any mic's is feedback/noise both present different challenges. a boom mic suffers from wind noises which can be helped with a dead cat aka wind screen. Also watch out when operating the boom mic if you don't have a good shock mount you will hear every little move the operator makes, and if you aren't focusing right on your subject you will probably get less quality audio. The main problem with lav mic's is one hiding them and two keeping them from rubbing on clothing so you don't get that irritating brushing noise.



      I hope some part of this has been helpful to you and I wish you all the best on your project.


      Justin Reto


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      Thank you for your response.


      Now heres the number one problem that I am having: the Doc that I'm gonna be filming the main person needs to be lavaliered all the time. is there a way to use a wired lav but yet monitor it through headphones wirelessly? I hope this makes sense 🙂 

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      Couple ways I can think of:



      I can't  recommend because I don't have one, but I'm pretty sure this would do the trick allowing you to wirelessly monitor the signal. That said I believe with this pair you need a separate recording device. Also keep in mind there are a lot of options when it comes to devices some are made for certain situations such as worship halls or stage production, while others are just crap no matter what. Cheap is usually not good with these things you will pickup every stray cell phone, microwave, wifi, interference there is which is why they are cheap crap. So make sure you test it a bit before the big interview.


      Also as a back up pickup one of these if you have the extra budget:

      $50 used

      stick it in his pocket or set it on a chair out of the shot. This has saved my butt more than once with spotty wireless audio it never hurts to have a backup.



      I guess your 2nd option would be to get something like this:


      obviously these wouldn't work because the base is to large. I believe there are ones with smaller transmitters. you would hook this up to whatever recording device you have on talent, then monitor wirelessly with the headphones. The advantage with this route is while you might still get interference it will probably be on the listening end not the recording end. I don't however recommend this option very highly (simply laying it out for you to decide whats best) I would go with the first option with the backup device, as this would limit the chances of failure better imho.


      Best of luck, hit me with any more questions you got.




      P.S. Sorry if my writing is sloppy it's late and I am going to bed so no proof reading lol hope you can decipher it.

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