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      Hello everyone – this is my first post on the forum, just signed up moments ago, but looking at some of the other forum topics and posts, I may be a bit out of my league. I’m not even sure if it’s appropriate to ask for assistance on the forums since there are pay options for tutorials, etc.. on this site. But anyway, here goes, and if this is not appropriate to ask, then feel free to send me packing.

      My project:
      I want to create a database of 50s to early 60s TV series episodes and vintage commercials from the period on a Windows 10 PC. Each individual episode will be further broken apart at the commercial breaks using video editing software. The database consists of main directories for each show title, which contain subdirectories for each episode, and finally the lowest level of subdirectory that contains the files for each part of an individual episode depending on how many commercial breaks there are. I’ve written a Windows Powershell program that creates a Windows Media Player playlist based on a random selection of show episodes consisting of several hours of viewing with vintage random commercials inserted appropriately where the commercial breaks should be. Once the playlist is completed, the program calls Windows Media Player and passes it the playlist for continuous playback until it ends. This will play in Media Player on the PC while being piped through a digital to analog converter to a vintage 4:3 CRT TV, recreating the experience I had as a child growing up during the golden age of TV watching shows on a 21 inch black and white TV, not to mention being a piece of cool retro art sitting in my living room. At least, that is my hope:-) The Powershell program works great with some edited test shows and commercials I downloaded from YouTube, so I’m getting there. Now I’m looking at quality requirements, and this is where my head begins to explode. I have some vintage TV series on DVD that I can rip to MPEG2 480p 4:3, others I’ll need to get from YouTube or other public domain sources along with the commercials and any consistency whatsoever seems to be non-existent.

      The aspect ratio for playback on a vintage TV needs to be 4:3 or something close. I “think” I need to keep the ripped episodes in MPEG2 4:3 at 720×480 resolution, one reason being it is the highest 4:3 resolution my video editing software supports. 1440×1080 would be optimal, but that is only supported for 16:9. Do I have the right idea here, or are there other things I need to consider?

      As far as public domain video is concerned, some vintage 4:3 videos/commercials are in 240p, some in 360p, some in 480p, and can have slightly varying widths at those resolutions. For instance, some are 720×480, others are 640×480. I’ve edited some 240p/360p commercials and upconverted to a common 720×480 format with my video editing software (Video Studio Pro x10). Some turn out marginally ok, some not so good. Any suggestions here regarding what can be done to maintain some basic level of quality or a better way to go about this?

      Any suggestions you pros could offer to a video nube like me to help with getting this project done with the best quality possible would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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