Are these Laptop specs enough to meet my needs?

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      Hey guys I am going to start a YouTube channel and am researching all the equipment I will need to get the job done right.

      I am currently researching laptops that will handle my video editing needs.

      My situation: I am a begginner so I will use basic editing software (Adobe Premiere) and only use basic editing functions on the software. My videos will range from 5-30 minutes in length. I will be using a 1080p camera to capture my videos.

      From the research that I have done I have found I need a laptop with:

      -I5 or higher internal processor for CPU
      -Minimum of 8GB of RAM
      -Minimum of 1TB of hard drive @ 7200 RPM
      -Minimum of 17 inch screen (however I plan to connect my laptop to my flat screen TV which should resolve this issue if I get a smaller laptop)


      1. Is this the right specs for what I am seeking to accomplish? (If I get a computer with these specs will it be able to handle the workload without crashing or hindering the video quality?)

      2. I have found computers with all the specs aforementioned except that instead of the hard drive being 7200 RPM it is 5400 RPM. If I go with the 5400 RPM HD will this be a significant issue?

      3. Should I even worry about the computers HD and just buy an external HD that will satisfy the specs needed?

      Currently I am looking at the following models:

      1. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s
      2. Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series
      3. HP Envy

      Hope to hear back!



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      No matter what the laptop specifications are, I would always go with an external drive for all you video/photo/music files.  Load all your NLE programs onto the internal drive, but keep your AV files on the external drive.  Look for one that is 7,200 rpm with USB 3 connrction.


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