Are there any decent microphones out there for microphone holder brackets?

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      I’m a relative amature to the world of videography. I have a Canon XF 105 and a couple new Sony Alpha DSLRs. I am going to be doing some video and I am looking for a good microphone for my XF video camera.

      All of the shotgun mics I have seen on sites like Amazon are made to fit on shoe mounts. I already have a light on the shoe mount, and I don’t want one of those crazy extender brackets to give you more mounting spots. Are there any decent shotgun mics out there?

      The Canon XF105 manual calls the piece a “microphone holder unit.” Lol, but they don’t sell any accessories for it. Anyone have any thoughts? I don’t need to spend a TON of money, I’m only doing semi-professional work. Couple hundred dollar range perhaps, or less if I can find something good that’s decent quality at a value price.

      Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
      – X Moylan

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      Here is Canon’s info about the camera I own:

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      Take a look at the “Coolux light and sound bracket” at B&H. It’s very lightweight, compact, inexpensive and effective. We carry one in every camera bag; couldn’t get along without it.

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