Archival storage of Digital Video

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Hi, first time Posting here.
I am currently part of a small and young venture producing videos and video presentations, which inevitably leaves us with two products:
- The raw video files (AVHCD)
- The edited presentation (deliverable)
- Miscelaneous files (Infographics, graphics, etc)

My two part question -and search for comments and opinions- is in regards to storing all this data once our project is completed. We do want to keep these for up to three years, in case we need footage for B roll, or to go back to it for instructional purposes, documentary, etc.
(there is a legal component within these vids, hence the need to maintain copies).

Part of the challenge is, we're doing three gigs a month, with a 4-camera setup, which yields on average 500-650gb of raw video data. Add all the editing and finished versions, we have way too much data to store.

So I am very interested on how you handle your own Video archival.
- Which files do you keep? If you have a good finished presentation, do you keep your raw (off the cam) footage anyways?
- How do you store this data? NAS Box, like a 5-8 bay Box attached to your network?

I have been working with video full time for about a year now, and previously as a press photographer for another 10. Photographs were a bit different, Digital Asset Management and backups seemed more manageable, and I wasn't always running out of space, at least not at the rate I am now. Stacks of 1-4Tb drives all around my desk.

Thanks much for taking the time to comment, I look forward to participating and contributing to this great forum.