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      I’m currently editing video digitized from 8mm film. The scanning process was wide screen, so therefore, I can see the sprocket holes which are represented in white squares on the top left and right covers of the video. There is film footage between the sprocket holes that I would like to save and therefore do not want to simply crop out the area with the white sprocket squares.

      So my question is, are there any video editing tools out there that allow you to choose areas or sections of a video frame and either fill the color or overlay with something else to in effect cover the sprocket hole areas?

      Does Apple Motion support the ability to overlay blocks of color in sections of the video frame?

      Are there other programs like Adobe Premeire, Final Cut Pro, etc that can replace color or overlay fills in sections of video frames?


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      I know nothing about apple motion, but if it supports multiple time-lines, then put the coloured image below the Video footage and see what you get. If that does not work, I see a Lot of rotoscoping in your future.

      Or you could simply search out a proper photo type frame PNG image.

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