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      I'm considering signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud, which is much less expense than upgrading my old CS3 installation. Of course, I would pay for CS6 in two years, but I really don't have the cash for a CS6 upgrade now.
      I'm interested in any opinions of the service from those who have used it.
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      Hi Emmerrit


      I assume you already have researched what programs you get.


      The way it works is, you log in and download the Download Manager and then sign in to the download manager which then gives you a list of software to download, it is good to open up the download manager once in a a while as they have updates you can download.  Download download download.  Sorry.   The programs are in your your computer as well as the files you create. They give you 20GB to upload to the internet. (I hate the word cloud) should you choose to back things up there.


      Since it is CS6,  it is better than CS3.    But you don't keep the use of the software indefinitely.  You pay a monthly fee and have a year contract.  That is the only way I could afford it.


      You need to be connected to the internet to use the software,because when you open up a program it checks with adobe that you are a subscriber.


      If your computer is fast enough, then the software works great.   I built a new computer as my editing computer.   You can use the software on 2 different computers.


      The tech support has been good.  I have had only installation questions so far.


      If you have any other questions let me know.




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      Your very Welcome


      Glad to be of some assistance.   With my income, this is the only way to afford it.


      I teach Improv at a Theatre and got the discounted price. Plus the promo price of 19.99


      That was why I signed up.


      If you have time and since we don't actually know each other , you don't owe me any favours.              I made a video different from my usual short hopefully funny videos I make as I learn filmmaking.



      This not the title but should be.  "I Take a Freezing Cold Shower in a Freezing Cold Bathroom to see how long I last."


      That's the first time a link turned into a embedded video


      If you watch feel free to bale out,  but I try to do a lot of things to keep it interesting including shooting with a waterproof camera.


      I build my own softboxes and used 1950 watts of Daylight Flourescents indirectly and 400 watts diffused, on my face.

      My Mic usually sounds better but I found myself yelling or screaming.



      A happy accident was that I ended up with a ghostly image of a demon reflected.


      That is my stand in as I don't have anyone to work with.


      If you watch and stay interested for the whole thing, let me know.  If you have CS3, you have been doing this a while.  Does CS3 have picture in picture?   I figured out how to use it in CS6


      Otherwise enjoy CS6.  I hope it works out for you

      Thank you


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      Thanks Barry, I'm probably going to try it for a few months. It's just a change that I'll see if I can get used to, paying by the month. Kind of like leasing a car.

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