Anyone used this jib? In the world? Viltrox/Lateur

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      The brand seems to be varyingly Viltrox or Latour, Chinese it seems, and this YB-K195 jib and the other variations LOOKS like a great design, and for the price I’m tempted to get this over other jib options, but I’m hesitant because I can’t find ANYTHING aside from one Chinese video which might just be from the company itself. It’s bizzare, it’s like nobody has ever used it. No reviews on Amazon, nothing.

      If anyone has tried this or has the money to spend on it and test it out, I’d really love to see a review on this. Perhaps there is a different brand name somewhere that has loads of reviews for it but I can’t find anything.

      Thanks. If this jib is good quality, and not some kind of elaborate scam I would definitely get it because it looks compact, strong and well-designed.

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      I’ve also now found it listed under another company name, Pergear. Also no reviews, but one terribly made video of an American guy promoting it for a store called Linkdelight. When I look up Pergear on google the “Pergear” site has a note from google that it may have been hacked. :/

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