Anyone use LED Ring Light & Reflective Screen?

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      Just wondering if anyone uses or has used this sort of kit, where you attach an LED light ring to your lens (some are switchable green/blue) and it throws just enough light not to affect the talent, but brightens the reflective screen behind them so that the camera picks it up as greenscreen or bluescreen.


      I do traditional "YouTube" greenscreen lighting using dimmable halogens and thinking about switching either to flourescent 48" shop lights or this LED ring assembly & screen. Problem is, both items in the LED "kit" aren't shoe-string budget cheap compared to the flourescent method. The reflective cloth is hard to find except for one or two vendors outside of the kit vendor. Cheapest kit is around $1300 from Datavideo. (Flourescent shop light set-up is $45 including 4 x 48" bulbs, as an easy DIY project.)


      Is the LED greenscreen method worth trying, in your opinions?




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