Anyone know what software will do this motion tracking?

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      First time poster here.  I do photography and have DSLR's to capture video and basic Adobe Elements 10 for editing on a PC.


      I am trying to figure out what software is used to do the motion tracking done in this video clip.  You have to get to about the 50 sec. mark on the clip to see the effect I'm going for (no need to watch any further). 

      Essentially I want to do the exact same thing seen in the clip…have a map of lines that will track the paddle through the water. 



      Ideally I would like to use the least expensive software option as this is not for professional or commercial use, but I understand that this may not be available in low end/mid range software.  I coach canoe paddling and use video now to teach technique, but this particualar way is visually very good way to analysis technique.


      Thanks for any tips you have for an experienced coach, but novice videographer/editor :).




      (P.S.  I did email the company/person about a week ago who made the video asking them if they could share the software used to analysis the stroke, but they didn't respond yet.)

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      Motion tracking would be more like a graphic or object following the paddle.

      At 50 sec. I see the beginning of a series of white lines – essentially picture in picture – timed to appear and remain on the screen. All you'll need is mulitple time lines and a line graphic that you can insert and then rotate to match the current paddle location of your main time line.

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      Thanks for taking the time to look at the clip and providing me a way to achieve this.  I really do appreciate it.  Given your suggestions I have played around with premiere elements an  I think i can cobble something together that may work.  Truly appreciate your help :).

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      Yes, Bruce's suggestion is the best way to roll with that. Long as 'Elements' doesn't restrict you on the number of video tracks in your timeline it shouldn't be too difficult.


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      I thought the number of tracks I could add would be very limiting with Premiere Elements 10…but it appears I am able to add up to 99 video tracks onto the timeline :). 


      I had a go with it last night I figured out how to simulate the effect I'm looking for. 


      I will probably record at 60fps, slow down the play back and draw a new line on the paddle shaft  every 5th frame or so using a new video track for each line. 


      Thanks again to you both for giving me a simple solution using software I already owned!  Much appreciated!

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