Any suggestions??

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Hi peoples, i need some footage from movies or tv series that will fit with the song, Somebody I uses to know from Gotye. 

Any suggestions / ideas???

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Here's an idea. Movie and TV footage is copyright. To use any of it without permission is infringment of that copyright.

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I would also check to see if you can use the song too for same reasons Charles Bennett said. Otherwise there are sites like StoryBlocks, Pond5, etc that will give you stock footage. They come with payment plans for the rights to use them, however, I believe StoryBlocks does allow you to download a few clips to see the quality of their work. I would check to see if you can find the footage from that.

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Pond5, videohive and Shutterstock are pretty solid. Just PM the artist. Generally they are cool with the fan made stuff as long as you dont make money off of it. But it does vary from artist to artist.