Any software that can trim multiple files without losing quality?

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      I know this has nothing to do with editing, but with file management. But since most of us have struggled with disk space at least once, I thought this was the right place to ask.

      I have hundreds of video clips that are about 5-3 minutes long, from which I need only the last 20 seconds from each one. I found a trimmer called Movavi that lets me do the job without losing the original video quality but I don't have time enough to work on every single video file.

      Any idea would be really appreciated!

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      How would your computer set the appropriate edit point when each video has a diffreent length and the last 20 secs of some might be black? I think you have no real choice but to do them one by one. If you let the machine do it if you could write some kind of script, you'd still need to look at each to make sure it was done properly. File management isn't a problem any longer – you just buy a new drive. I have dozens now – small 80Gb drives copied with perhaps 3 to a 300Gb drive copied onto a 1Tb drive with two others copied to a 3Tb drive – and next year, probably an even bigger one. Each time the price drops.

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      If this is about disc space do what Paul suggests: get a couple of hard drives and store the clips. If it's about setting up clips to edit, here's what I would do: create two video tracks. On the bottom track — Track #1 — put all the clips. Split each clip at the appropriate point and put the part you want to keep on Track #2. When finished, delete Track #1 and store Track #2 (the good stuff.)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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