Any easy-to-use motion footage gear???

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      I’m trying to learn some TVC techniques. (I’m a non-professional and I just want to improve my skills) But I realized it is very important to shoot motion footage. Especially when I try to shoot a product such as a cup or a vase.

      And it is really a big challenge to move my camera as I wanted it to. I found those sliders and turntables are expensive and not user-friendly. So, I wonder is there any solution for motion footage shooting?

      Thanks a lot.

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      The answer to your problem is to be found right here in Videomaker Magazine: take a look at, “How to make your own table top dolly.” It’s easy to do, inexpensive and very effective.

      Good luck.

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      Hey Jack

      Thank you for the DIY Dolly. Great idea! But I’m still thinking how can I shoot footage like “desktop jib” does. Because I want to move the camera not just in horizontal level. I’m looking for something allowed me to move the camera in 3 dimensions. Obviously, my hands does not work well enough. But your answer does help a lot: )

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