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      Gabe deMoura

          I have been a long-time subscriber to VIDEOMAKER and love what the folks there have done with its on-line version, particularly the opportunity to network with fellow
      video aficionados.
          My love for photography and video began with my love for nature photography.
      If you are familiar with the documentary film-maker, Ken Burns, you may recall his
      Civil War series.  With only photos and documents to work with, Burns knew that he needed to add excitement to the visual experience, so he gave the camera the ability to pan and zoom a photo, sometimes focusing on one face in a crowd of faces or  zooming back to give us a panaramic view..with just that one particular photo.
          He did this before most of us  had access to computer editing of video and photography. Today, there are many software programs available  that provide us the opportunity to create some amazing visual effects for our video slide shows.
           I have been using what I consider one  of the best software programs available for
      turning photos into incredible video slideshows:  PHOTODEX PROSHOW PRODUCER. (Also available is PHOTODEX GOLD.)
           Recently, I purchased a Canon Rebel T4i. It is an excellent camera for taking photos, BUT it also shoots High Def video and audio. Now, when I go out to shoot nature footage,I am taking still photos AND video. As a result of this, I have been re-thinking what I would like to do with my video slide shows.  Rather than limit the shows to animated photos, I'd like to incorporate more video clips.
           PHOTODEX is the perfect program to do this.  It allows you to incorporate video
      clips with  photos.  I recently came across a software program called NATURE ILLUSION STUDIO. It's an inexpensive program that gives you a collection of things like snow, rain, moving water and simple objects that can be super-imposed over a still photo in  a slide show. For example, you can take a nice photo of a snow scene and layer the falling snow (video) over the photo..The result is that you can now expand what can be done in a slide show with still photos.  I downloaded a photo of an eagle, removed it from its background, and using Adobe After Effects, had the eagle flap its wings and land on an old fence in the photo.
           Where am I going with discussion?  I hope that my video colleagues out there
      might help me with some software ideas on how I can better create animated objects
      (falling leaves, birds, butterfies) that can be added as video over still photos for a nature slide show.  I've saw a slide show with some cool butterfles flying (animated video) over a field of flowers (photo).  I wish I knew how it was done.Can any nature buffs out there help me?
      Give me your input




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