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Hi folks,

I have Motion4 (still).

You can see my production company logo, at the top left of the page.

Cartouche means "cartridge" in French.   It refers back to my dad's super 8 camera.  It required Super 8 film cartridges.  Inserting the cartridge and shooting a new movie was the biggest thrill of all for me.  So I called my company "Cartridge Creations".

I am seeking your advice on how to animate my logo.  The cartridge is symbolized by the grey C in the center.  I would like to take it separately and animate its insertion inside the big black C.  All I have is a jpeg or a png of the logo. 


I want to keep the animation simple and add some gear sound effects as the "camera" loads.

Thanks for your help!

I have FCP 7 and Motion 4.

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Your logo looks like the front of a camera and not really a cartridge, although I get it. Other than the "c" I don't see the connection to a cartidge. Maybe there isn't one. It's unclear as to whether the orange is light coming in or if it's projecting out. All that being said, I'd definitely do something with projector and reel sfx. Maybe even a clip/cartidge of a gun. It has a unique sound. I think I'd spin the logo horizontially and then spit the orange out as it stops. It could continue further but then disappear leaving what is your logo. Just a thought.

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Thanks WM.  I'm more interested in the technical aspect ot things here.  Is there any way I can isolate the elements of the logo and seperate them as objects IN MOTION 4?  I know I could do this in Photoshop but I'm not familiar with the program.