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      Hey everyone!

      Glad I’ve found such a forum, it seems to be really useful!

      I need to animate the fire on the image below. It doesn’t necessarily have to move in a circle, but any effect which makes the fire move/glow should be enough. (I don’t need the entire image to have a fire effect on it).

      Is this anything you guys can help with?


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      Hi phpcat,


      How about giving stock animation a go. I found the following stock animation that might be suitable to your image:

      (if you're into LOTR) (thicker than the previous one)


      I'm not so sure if you were willing to spend on it. If you want a free one, I'm not sure if they have, but do have a browse on their free stock footage:


      Hope this helps and all the best.

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      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments!

      They sure do help..but I'm wondering how I can put these animations on top of the image I've shown.


      I guess I could use the original image as a background, and then attach the animation right on top of the ring of fire (but all animations seem to have their own black backgrounds). Any ideas on how I could go about to doing this?

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      After Effects. Looks like those motion graphics are alpha channels. Not sure if Photoshop video will work. I've never tried to import footage with an alpha channel into Photoshop to composite footage. Might be worth a try if you are not comfortable in After Effects.

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      After Effects, Nuke, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere- any of these software are allowing you to put stock footage in front of a image. Any compositing software will basically do the trick. As mentioned above- Photshop will do BUT it is very limited in matter of video editing.


      If you don't want to use stock footage to create this fire effect you may want to do some fluids simulation inside 3ds Max or any other 3d app (Blender is free and have voxel simulation solver) and composite it on top of the image. You may also create fire effect with noise patterns directly in AFX but it will be kinda cheapo.


      BTW. Dont worry about black background. What you want to do with a fire footage is to use additive/screen blending mode which keys out all of the black from the video.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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