An introduction and good tips.

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First I must say that I love your site. The info I find there on a regular basis is top notch and I am grateful that you guys do what you do. 

I am an independent filmmaker and video production company owner in Fresno, CA. I have started writing a daily Twitter and Facebook feed that distills everything I have learned in the filmmaking business in the last 15 years into what I hope to be simple and consistently useful daily tips for the complete filmmaker. The feed will be almost exclusively non-commercial, never discuss my daily activities and be very focused to helping its core readership. I invite you to check it out @MovieKnowHow

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

Justin McAleece
Head of Video Production


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Hi Justin
I am headed to your feed in the hopes of learning!
Photography has been my Daily passtime since on the road full time for the past a bit over 6 years with my Buddy "Spirit", a motorcycle with a sidecar for him and our beloved tent!

I am finding Videos being difficult. Not the Go-Pro stuff, but the real "mechanical" aspects of it. So much wish there was a complete manual!
Will read what you are writing and it might enlighten me.


Stay well, Ara and Spirit
Life on the road...