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      Hey everyone, I just launched Videotape (, a free app for iOS that puts video editing on a social platform. I’ve been reaching out to people who I think would be a good fit, and video editors and enthusiasts are at the top of my list.

      It’s a social platform for sharing videos, but you have the freedom to manipulate any video on the platform. In one slick interface, you can…

      • Add or overwrite you video and/or audio as you record
      • Import video and/or audio from your device or other social platform
      • Cut, copy and paste video and/or audio from any video throughout the app

      Here’s an example of an interaction between a couple users of the app: Click the left arrow at the top right of the video to see the original (or swipe right on the video if you’re on your phone).

      Videotape levels the playing field between you and your friends and family you share video with. I’d love to get your feedback and perspective. You can email me at, and I’d be happy to chat. Thank you!


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