Amazing Lily Gardens in 3D

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      Here is my latest stereoscopic 3D YouTube project.

      The local lily gardens were amazing this year so I had to

      capture them in 3D. If you're watching with red/blue (anaglyph)

      glasses I recommend using the gear icon below the video and

      setting the output to at least 720p and using the "optimized"

      anaglyph setting under the 3D options. Let me know what you

      think about the 3D effects, I worked hard to maximize the 3D

      without hurting peoples eyes.

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      I really appreciate it. feels like taken so naturally clear and distinct.

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      Hi 3DMOVIEMAN,
      good job! I'm a stereographer of XILOSTUDIOS, Italy and you can visit my website in News page 
      After ten years of video production, we have launched our e-stock footage web site with original variety of Royalty-free clips in 2D and stereoscopic 3D, including also CG animation 
      They are all professional clips.
      If you want,  you can join our team with a payment fee, of course.
      We'd love to have your feedback about 3D Movie Arcade.
      Please, keep in mind that we still have to upload many and many clips.
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      AvatarClay Stevens

      Impressive 3D video. Hope for more video sharings.

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