Amatuer & student buying semi pro camcoder

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      Hello all. For past year i would sometimes come here on this site and forum for info that i could find. Now I have just created my account here so i could ask a question.

      There is a decent action price till the end of march here in Serbia,tho probably will be more in future,to buy panasonic AG-AC30. I like this camera from the reviews and web articles. It isnt some highend stuf,but would work decent for learning and maybe catching some credential work and buck…Etherway,why am i asking should i buy this or no is because it would have some inpact on my budget,but not very big. Problem is that i will have hardtime to get some buck to cover that. I now have nikon d3300 with decent pack of lenses that i have colected while i was learning it in past year and a half. I have made some amatuer videos for friends and friends of frends,some for small cash,some for 0 with it. I fell in love with all of that (video more than photo),especialy when i get good materieal that i can colorgrade later(love that part). Now in school,few students of us made a small organisation that uses school gear that plans to capture ceremonys,music videos,short student films and etc etc…We just started with all that and it goes decent. I like to use those school cameras,and have learned some from them. Tho fact is that they are old and very bad with gain levels and dimmer lights…

      Long story short,i have decent dslr and decent modern-vintage lenses combo that i have used and will use for photo and video. But till now i have never made any buck with it,just decent knowledge. Now im thinking if its right thing and time to spend ~1000-1200e for camera and backup equipment that would probably give same results + better video quality.

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