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      There have been a few of these Panasonic AG-HPX302EN cameras on offer lately, selling at around the $2000 mark. No batteries or power supplies but lens is attached. Does anyone have any opinion about them? They seem to be semi-pro and have all the knobs and whistles but I can't find too much about them on the web. Video samples I've seen don't seem to be a huge jump from the VG 20 I'm using now but then again getting optimal files on the web can defeat uoloaders.

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      Hi Michael,



      There are a few things we could tell you about that camera. 
      A couple of good points, for the price, the 4:2:2 HD recording feature is good, it will give nice rich color. Another handy feature is the ND filter. 
      Be aware that this is a broadcast camera so if you've got wedding or cinematography in mind, we would not recommend it.
      Also, keep in mind that this camera runs a PAL system which is designed for European countries. If you are in the United States don't bother, as the NTSC is not an option on this cam. We also noticed that this camera is discontinued on a few web sites, which might be a bad sign.
      Good luck…good shooting!
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      Thanks. I think I'm going to hold off and wait.

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