AG-AC160A versus HXR-NX5U

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      Recently sold my Sony HDR-FX1 with the intent to go tapeless and into a more professional camcorder. I've done some research, had some demos, and have boiled the replacement down to either the Panasonic AG-AC160A or the Sony HXR-NX5U. Only thing I haven't been able to do is put these side by side and do a shootout. What comments would anyone like to make? Both are very close in features. It will most likely come down to purchase price and any influence others have on me.



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      Sony?  they keep changing models every couple months.  LOOK how long the AG-HMC150 has been around? The AG-AC130 or 160 are I guess its replacement. however they are still selling it I guess because of the CCD not having rolling shutter.  I prefer the Panasonic line of camcorders mostly because the batteries can be swapped between the cameras.  Now you have to deal with the weight, and holding it by hand.  Both are heavy and not shoulder balanced?  You should maybe look at the AG-HMC80 excellent weight balance for steady shoulder placement, plus it has beautiful image and color.  I have always said to Keep It Simple method of shooting video.  I like to go lighter, I love the AG-HMC40 just throw a little LED light, and use an L-bracket for balance and you are good to go.  I also use a wheeled tri-pod to give me a break then back to hand held and Mon-pod to get the dance sequences from a higher look down.  Have been experimenting with the GH2 it is really phenomenal picture quality and will shoot until your card or battery goes dead.  Not because the sensor over heated, like Canon or Nikon.  You can also shoot nice stills for a montage if you are going to need one for the video.  Most important do not miss the important shots, because you are changing a tape or figuring if it is running through the capstan?  The image in Blu-ray will blow them away and even the DVD-DL is great.        

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      I have a couple of Sonys with 3 x 1/3 chips and they are good but I did see a comparison shots between the 160 and the Sony and I think the Panasonic has the edge on image quality. I also have a Panasonic AF100. It is, of course, quite a different camera but I like the colour much better. The Sonys that run the old NP batteries have 4-5 hours of life. The Panasonic about 3 hours. It is an issue for me because I often record dance recitals that can last over 4 hours.


      Here is some comparisons:




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      This is a really crazy time for purchasing Video equipment, what worked in the past my not work in the future.  My Buddy who has a Photograph and Videographer business said his Prospective Brides have been asking about the Art of Depth of Field production.  You just can’t get it with that 1/3 or ¼  inch sensor.  I’ve been hooked on the GH2 when I got it a year ago.  I haven’t done any Hacks to it because I thought the Image was just fine at 30P at 24Mbps. However on a fast pan there was a little jello effect so slow and steady were important.  My AG-HMC40 was great for movement and Image quality with adequate light which I have.  Now comes along the GH3 with all the bells and whistles and at 50Mbps or 72Mpbs 60P (Panasonic approved and engineered) come on this thing should be taking off like a rocket.  I got one last month and I think it’s the way to go.  You already have the AG-AF100, and the GH3 has a grip maybe you can get the hours you need. I’m waiting to purchase that new 2.8 lens, however the 14-140 lens will suffice for now, it is a little heavy on the wrist though.  What do you think?

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