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      I shot some video with a PNY 64G card and the card was formatted on a Panasonic AG-AC160 camera, but the card can only be read in the camera and I'm unable to get it to transfer to a PC.  I understand you can copy between cards on the camera so I'm trying to see if I can copy the video to another card that can be read and then transfer the files off.  I can't find the procedure in the operating manual however.


      I haven't run into this problem before so I'm not sure why it was a problem in the first place.  I have a copy of Premier and the AVCCAM viewer and neither can read the card.  USB 2.0 connects but cannot read the data.  The card(s) (I actually have two) are in write protect mode now because I can't afford to lose what I shot.  It plays back fine on the camera so I'm trying to determine the best way to get the video off the cards.


      Does anyone know how to solve this dilemma and also how to copy between card slots on the camera?



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