After Effects Preview is too Slow, can’t edit my videos properly to get good impact

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      Hello all forum member,

      Let me introduce myself, im Saud Khatri and i started learning Video shooting and editing about a year ago and im gradually learning stuff and i try to be better with every video i come up with.

      So the problem im facing is, im editing my videos in After Effect and i do some basic transitions and animations. But now im at a level where i have to learn some more editing techniques to make my videos better and for that, i have to preview my project again and again to adjust many many small things like syncing transition with audio, adjusting the timing etc.

      Im using Macbook Pro 15in 2015. Its a basic model, so i have 2.2 Ghz Core i7 with 16gb Ram, 1.5gb Intel Iris Pro and SSD. Overall After Effects works pretty good in it but the onlly problem im having is the Preview part where im being restricted to have very basic edits.

      If some expert would have some suggestions for me, please do let me know. I have researched on this & tried many things but im not getting my preview any good. Im sure some experienced experts would be able to help me in this situation.

      Saud Khatri

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