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      As some of you know, its quite expensive to buy really good background music for your videos. Its called "Royalty Free" background music and you can buy a licence from a stock media site. The price is usually around 18-40 dollars, on the most popular sites like AudioJungle. In addition to that, the licence often implies that you can only use the song once in a single project. And if you want to use it again, you have to pay for a new licence. Not very appealing for the average amateur producer…

      Pond5 is the second largest site in this industry, after Audiojungle. As some of you know, Pond5 its the number one site for stock video material. However it also offers background music, and it has an advantage: They let the contributors set the price. And once you have bought the licence, you can use it how many times you want in different projects. Except for reselling of course.

      So as a contributor on pond5, I have set my prices really low. Only 8 dollars per track. I offer happy ukulele tracks and calmer acoustic music with a relaxed feeling, plus a few random cinematic tracks. Perfect as background music for your videos if you want a happy, joyful or silly/funny mood. But also good if you want an inspirational, calm, relaxed or "feel good"- mood. But you better decide for yourself what you think of it! :)

      You can listen to my tracks on my youtube channel. Follow links to pond5 if you want to buy a licence.

      Youtube is full of links to royalty free music. But they usually cost 25 dollars and have a very limited licence. I just wanted to give you a heads up as I think its overpriced, and more youtubers should be able to afford some good background music!

      /Moodify Media

      Feel free to contact me at:

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