Aerial drone footage?

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      Hi everyone, I am trying to edit a video to look as though it's camera footage from a tactical drone/helicopter. Probably monochromatic, bluish, with kinda stripes across the screen, some noise.


      I can't find ANYTHING like that, please help? Not even a tutorial, just an example, or what to search for. Can you help?

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      I use Sony Movie Studio and I think it has some if not all the effects you're looking for. But modern drones have pretty good cameras on em now… πŸ™‚

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      Its true, a lot of military footage like that is black and white and the resolution is not all that bad. Maybe try making it b&w, dumping the resolution down to 480 or worse (even for small periods of time to reflect a lack of throughput on the transmission,) cranking up the contrast, add some clouds passing in on occasion, and throw in some targeting graphics. Have you played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? They’ve got a level where you operate the weapons systems on a gunship. You should be able to watch it on youtube somewhere. Might give you some ideas.

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      I always use Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 it will help you with such effects you looking for.

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