Advice/Experience with JVC vs. Canon Replacement?

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      I have a Canon XH-A1s that has worked well for 7+ years but lately showing signs we may have to replace it.

      I mostly shoot “musicians”, usually a concert grand/pianist with green screen, relatively static shot (no zooms/pans during the shot) and do all post in Adobe CS6 (on local machine, not subscription version).

      We output to YouTube and sometimes do both SD and Blu-Ray DVDs.

      We HOPE to be able to do these kinds of recordings for up to FIVE more years. (Pianist/composer and I are both “getting far down” the birthdays trail!)

      If we replace, our budget will be up to $2K and purchase will be in the next 45-60 days.

      I’ve become attracted to the Canon XA-30 (we don’t anticipate need the switcher capability of the XA-35) but yesterday a high-end video support shop suggested considering the JVC GY-HM170UA 4KCam….less $$$ and allegedly excellent 4K which is understood to result in better video than the XH-A1s can produce under any lighting condition.

      To my knowledge, I don’t have a retail store where I can touch either camera, so for the moment, I hope this will reach someone who will share insight/knowledge, especially of the JVC.

      Also, referrals to other brands would be most welcome, with the understanding that $2K could be $2.1K but not $2.9K!!!

      San Antonio, TX

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      Youtube and DVD/BluRay just makes me think that ultimate quality isn’t an issue here – so 4K might let you pan and zoom a little, but otherwise it won’t assist you much. Your old cameras may well be old, but facility rich and most of all – have excellent glass on the front, which isn’t the case with many newer ones. I personally hate a lens that any kind of continuous spinning servo focus ring – Don’t know the 170. does this have a proper focus?

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      I had the 170u. A matter of fact I made a few YouTube videos about the camera. In a nutshell, the camera is a great value camera packed with features, and for outdoor shooting or any shooting environment that is well lit, the camera shines, but if it is just a little dim, the camera suffers. Check out my videos – and you’ll have all the info you need

      JVC GY-HM170U / JVC GY-HM200U:

      I would suggest you look at the Sony Nx100. It’s less than $2000, great zoom, good low light performance, 1 inch sensor. That’s bigger than your old canon and bigger than xa30. No 4k though. If you are shooting in well lit environments then, the JVC can be had for less and is a good choice.


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