Advice to get either AG-HMC80 or HXR-NX30

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      Hi guys, I'm new to all this video production stuff but our church is trying to get some camcorders to start a tv ministry, after lots of research we've come down to this two options for camcorders (Panasonic AG-HMC80 or Sony HXR-NX30), our goal is to broadcast live on internet, to record our services for editing them later and distribute them, and to do IMAG as well… We're thinking in using this cameras with a ATEM 1 switcher but we haven't decide which one would be a better option for these purposes… I would really appreciate your advice, THANKS…

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      Hi Joel,


      Your two camera choices are very different from one another. First, the Panasonic HMC80 is the same as an HMC40, simply put into a shoulder-mount form factor. This camera is a couple of years old now, does not have XLR audio inputs, and the smaller HMC40 can be had for several hundred less with same quality/features but in a hand-held model.


      You may want to look at the new AC90 from Panasonic, which is a much better camera for less money at $1799. Professional XLR audio connections built in, and has a phenomenal image stabilizer according to users. Also has manual lens rings for zoom, focus, iris and dual memory card slots for extended recording or backup (record to both cards at once!).


      I'm a long-time Sony user, but not a fan of the very tiny camcorders, which the NX30 appears to be. Too difficult to use, hold steady, etc. And having a "projector" built in seems gimmicky.


      For a live switcher, you may want to give a good look at the Newtek TriCaster 40 unit. It is self-contained/portable, so does not require a computer to operate it. ATEM is limited to playing back very short videos internally. TC40 can play an unlimited number of videos and stills of any length from the hard drive. TC40 has built in streaming to the web. Can also record a full-quality version of your production to the hard drive for later editing/repurposing. ATEM would require some type of external recorder, expensive if doing HD recording.


      TC40 is $4995, but does not require a computer, or external recorder, or external streaming solution, which balances things out I think. Everything in one integrated package.


      Thank you


      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers

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      I was thinking why don’t you look into the DMC-GH3? It­­­ does excellent video and beautiful stills which the other camcorders don’t?  Plus I think the video guys seem to all be moving to the Mirror less Cameras for light weight and excellent photography and great depth of field Video. You can shoot at the very high bit rate which is really broadcast standard, so your internet shots will look professional. Heck maybe you can also hook up to your cable carrier. If the GH3 is too much with the lenses you maybe able to get some GH2's.  I'm just saying look into it.


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      Research the industry, get ahead of the curve.  Just look at EBAY, guys are getting rid of the Camcorders and moving to DSLR.  The GH3 does not have a Mirror and it doesn’t overheat like Canon or Nikon. It also has great auto focus, and a lot of lenses, and you can control the camera from and I-Pad or I-phone or Android device, your Camcorders can't do that without expensive add on's.  It could do multi shoots plus you can take pictures after the event, and blog them on you Church site.  It has a fantastic Image at the 50Mbps or 72Mbps all-intra and it will hook up to Tricaster 40, however you need to get a Mini HDMI to component Cable connector.  Read up on it you'll be surprised. 

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      Hey Jeff, thank you very much for your insight in these, It really made me go through more research and I absolutely agree that the AC90 is a bettet option than HMC80, also Tricaster40 seems to be a better choice because you don't need all the extras like adaptors, recording, audio conversion an so on that the ATEM requires.


      Really appreciate your help… 

      Gracias amigo.


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      Thanks Nick for the suggestion, I don't know if the DSLR kind of camera would be the best for us trying to have live broadcasting, I'll have a look to them anyway to check it out… Thank you again.

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