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      I am seeking advice, I know it is a tired conversation.


      I own a Canon XL2 and two Sony HDR XR160's.


      All I do is record training videos for my company. The videos are nothing special, just in the office. I do use good lighting and no fancy shots. I edit with Sony Vegas Pro (13). All videos are viewed on the Internet. 


      THE QUESTON IS – CAN I USE THECANON XL2 and is it a viable camera in todays HD world.


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      In my opinion, the HD camcorders are going to produce a much better image than the SD Canon XL2 (and are more compact). In addition, they're tapeless, which speeds up yor workflow. The technology has changed so much in the last few years that even a low-end consumer HD camcorder is going to beat what was once considered a prosumer (SD) camcorder every time.


      However, there must be some reason you WANT to use the XL2… more info?

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