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      Hello All,

      I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to have a solid set up for making whiteboard, instructional video in 4K and great sound.

      Here is the video and sound quality that I am going for: MOZ Video

      You will see a video on that page.

      I read that this particular website uses Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD and Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A. This setup, not including the tripod, lighting, and everything else is around $2K, is it possible to achieve a similar or same result as video shared with a ~$1000 budget?

      If so, I would really appreciate recommendations.

      Thanks again!

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      The important thing is lighting, lighting and lighting – and a camera with manual exposure. That video is extremly well lit with lots of large soft sources – note no shadows AND no reflectionsmeaning the lighting has been done by somebody who knows their stuff. If you look at the price of lighting equipment, you could easily spend two grand on just the lighting. If you are very handy you could perhaps build yourself some huge softboxes – minimum of three, but the size of your studio and the distances you have will be vital to success. Draw it to scale on graph paper, and do a plan view from above. Draw the whiteboard, the person and the camera to scale and then draw the lights and see where they need to be to not reflect back into the camera. In your space, you might find the right angles to ligt the lightboard, but they won[t light the presenter, so you then add in more lights for the person. Common problems with poorer equipment will be shadows, glare (especially iof the presenter wears glasses) and then a camera that sees the bright white light and shuts the lens down makimng it very dim. Why are you even thinking 4K if you can't manage the cost? HD at 1080 is fine for youtube/vimeo, and remember that all 4K cameras are not the same. 4000 pixels with a poorer lens doesn't work. The broadcast people who have their own cameras often buy a 4K camera and dit their old lens and the image is no better. The 4K version of their lens might cost more than a car!

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      Definitely agree with what paulears said, but also take into consideration the light on the whiteboard itself and whether it overpowers/washes out the writing on the board. We had that happen enough that I ended up just getting an external recorder hooked up to a Ipad. I use the Doceri whiteboard app and a little greenscreen magic to make a very clean, clear image. I'd say you don't have quite the budget for that setup (it requires an Ipad, Apple TV, and external recorder which could go for $1000 easy)

      I'd say if anything try to find extra large whiteboard markers to help the writing stand out! You might be able to find something on Amazon.

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