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      Hi all,

      I'd like to ask your knowledge and advice here.

      I shoot some travel videos, and recently found that some of my, as well as dozens of other's, videos were swiped on youtube by some scheister, who then re-edited them, threw his own name over them and re-uploaded them as his own.

       It takes someone with a lower double-digit IQ (not to mention a real pair of brass ones) to do that and upload them next to the same person you just ripped off – and think nobody is going to notice or care. Needless to say enough people complained that his account was killed.

       In nearly every case though, the videos stolen were HD and re-edited at 720 – none had any watermark (including mine) – something that I am now going to change (in spite of it being a real distracting blemish on the picture).

       Except for one – it was a real professional grade video with a watermark – and the thief just used the top 720 pixels of the screen and discarded the bottom portion that had the watermark. Evidently the guy has some skill with at least After Effects, but may be professionally trained in filmmaking and editing. It was no problem for him or maybe many reading this…but my question is how effective is making a watermark at preventing such a rip-off? I've never tried it, so I'm asking how easy it is for the casual non-pro to do what he did?


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      It is relatively simple to crop an image to remove a watermark if it is on the perifery of the image. I know, for instance that Sony Movie Studio can do the crop simply.  If you downloaded the video at 1080p and crop it 720p, your actually are not losing much quality.


      Frankly, accomplishing cropping shouldn't lead you to change your estimate of the IQ of the infringer.





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