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      I’m new to the forum. My wife and I film hunts and I am looking into getting a different camcorder. I am planning to get the Panasonic ag-ac90, but need some store advice first. I am on a very tight budget and have been looking around and came across NJ Accessories. Has anybody on here ever used NJ Accessories? Great pricing. Just a little confused on something. Reading the reviews on the store most were good, bit one did mention that these are not the American version Panasonic ag-ac90. Will that be a big deal or is it the same thing pretty much? If anyone has used them please give me your feedback on them before I use them. And also again will there be any difference between American version and other versions?
      Thanks so much

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      Hi jkeith – it sounds like they are selling the "grey market" version of the camera.  That means they are selling a camera manufactured for one of the Asian NTSC markets and selling it in the US.  The camera will work fine, but will not be covered by a Panasonic USA warranty.


      At best, the store will offer a sellers' warranty (usually covering parts only).  At worst, you will have to ship the camera back to Japan or Hong Kong for service.


      I recommend you spend a little extra money and get the camera with a full 1 year Panasonic parts and service warranty for $1999 from an authorized Panasonic USA dealer such as Amazon or Adorama.  


      Good luck and Happy New Year!



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      I agree with brunerww, they sound like "grey market" versions of the cameras.  In addition to the sites mentioned in the post above I would add -BH Photo Video

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      There's a lot of online store to buy camcorder. It is very efficient nowadays to shop online. am i right?


      This is where i usually bought my camcorder:

      <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">elevenia shop</a>

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