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      Hi, My names Umar…this is my first post on this site (or any video website). I'm currently playing around and learning how to make videos. I want to perfect the art as much as possible to learn how to make video commercials for my business. 


      I'm very new to videography and I'm trying to get a camera mount for my t2i.

      I'm not looking to spend too much, i've narrowed it down to two choices



      Does anyone have any experience with the two or can anyone give any insight? If you can reccomend antoher good camera mount around the same price range that would be awesome as well.



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      I used portable Camera Tripod that carry a 'proper' tripod largely defeats the portability benefits of using a small camera. So I use a pocketable tabletop tripod with a swivel balltop head. One hand can hold it firmly against any rigid surface and other hand operates the camera.

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