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      My name is Perry, I’m a cameraman in the agricultureworld.
      I was 13 year old when I start filming and editing.
      I grow up with Windows, and used alot editing programs πŸ™
      Windows movie maker
      Nero 10
      Pinnacle 14 and 15
      Cyberlink 13 and 14 that I use now.

      I have also much issues in these 10 years of edit ingredients.

      Also there is alot money gone on custom pcs

      I use Currently a:
      Windows 8.1
      CoreI7 4970 3.60/4Ghz liquid cooled
      Msi nvidia gtx760 2gb
      And 1TB had for saved projects.

      I have now alot of problems with sync of video choppy playback.. rendering reallyslow.
      I edit with different types of framerates.

      I want now some advice. Because I saw by a friend of mine a apple Macbook pro and editing with final cut pro x goes smooth as butter.

      But if I watch some video with a windows and Adobe premiere pro with almost the same pc specifications. I think what do I wrong?

      What is the best way to edit without any problems. Because I’m tired and done with slow and choppy editing.

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      What kind of video are you doing? HD, 4K? It may be how your system is handling the video. In Final Cut X, the source files are transcoded into ProRes 422, based on what the timeline is, which makes things much more easily handled by the editing system. If your computer is trying to play back the original files, especially those heavily-compressed mp4 files, it might be choking on them. The system you have seems pretty beefy, so I don’t think it’s the hardware.

      Also make sure your hard drive has plenty of free space so it’s not hunting around for the next clip.

      Good luck!
      Chris Sebes

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