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      I have a project coming up next week that I need some advice on. I am going to be shooting / editing a short (1-2 minute) promotional video for a local tree company. They are producing the video specifcally to use on Angie's List, but will also post it on their website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, ect.. There is also the possibility of using a shorter version as a paid ad on the local cable channel.


      The guys are going to a property and doing a day & a half's work in 1 long day to try and get as much footage captured as possible. They will be cutting down 2 large trees, bucking logs, chipping branches, doing a lot of pruning, stump grinding, and cutting mulch beds & laying down mulch. They asked for before and after shots of their work. In addition to all of the "action" shots of them cutting and felling, I will need some detail shots and maybe some interaction with the homeowner. I don't think we will be using much if any production audio at all. The plan is to edit to a music bed, with some possible VO.


      I wanted to use multiple cameras to try and get a few angles of a lot of the setups. This company does not use a bucket truck and the owner actually climbs to the top of the tree & works his way down. I need to get shots of the man in the trees doing the work. Since I only have 1 shot at getting all of this, my plan was to set up more cameras than really needed. Here is the gear I have to work with:


      -Canon HV30. I think this will be the main camera used for the majority of the shots. I was planning on shooting 1080 24fps w/ CINE mode to get a bit of a flat image that I can better control the contrast / color in post. I also thought that I would avoid any rolling shutter issues that I may get with the DSLR's while panning & getting any moving shots.


      -GoPro Hero3 White. This will be used mainly on the helmet of the tree climber to get shots of him climbing & cutting, as well as some shots attached to the handle of the chainsaw. This camera will shoot 1080p at 25 or 30fps, and 720p up to 60fps.


      -Pentax K-5ii. This camera isn't the most controllable DSLR for video but I have a lot of high quality fast primes and zooms. This camera shoots 1080p at 25fps, or 720p at 30fps. I was thinking about using this camera for some tight shots of the climber in the tree, and as the main 2nd camera in general.


      -Pentax K-x. Same as above. This camera only shoots 720p at 24fps. Can use all of my lenses.


      -iPad2. This iPad will only shoot 720p, but using Filmic Pro I can get just about any frame rate. I thought I would use this for more medium to wide shots of parts of the work where there was a lot going on at once.


      -iPod Touch 4th Generation. In my testing I haven't got the camera using Filmic Pro to capture much without dropping frames or looking "stuttery" but I have it as another option. I was going to wipe all of the audio & nonessential stuff off of it, and then see if the video gets any better.


      I have stable tripods for all of the above cameras. I plan on getting a custom white balance for every shot on every camera, and I have a Color Checker Passport I can also shoot to help with matching the color of all of the shots from the different cameras.


      I will be editing in Premiere Pro CS6. Other than the possible TV spot, I think the final format for everything else will be 720p. I have loaded footage from all of the above cameras (except the GoPro which the tree guy is bringing to the shoot) in a 720p sequecne in Premiere, and everything seemed to be playing back ok. The file formats for every camera are different as well. I will be dealing with HDV (from tape), .avi, .mov, and ,mp4, at different frame rates all on the same timeline.


      My main question is about mixing a few different frame rates for my edits. I was thinking I should shoot in 1080p with all the cameras that would, and then scale the footage down to my 720p timeline for editing. The Pentax K-5 & the GoPro are the only 2 cameras that will do actual 1080p. The HV30's footage is a little smaller, and will have to be scaled up a little to be a true 1080p (as is with all HDV cameras I understand). If I mix 24, 25, and 30 fps in the same edit, will there be a problem with that? If I don't have to match the pitch of any audio, and only am dealing with video will the difference in frame rates be ok? In the little bit of testing I did, I think it all looked ok, but I was having my 6 year old son run back and forth in front of the cameras as a test subject 🙂

      Does everything I have planned to accomplish seem doable, or I have I missed some important points in thinking about the process.


      I really appreciate any advice and / or opinions that will help me pull this off & have a nice package at the end. I will be running all of the gear myself, so I need to be on my game while saws are running & branches & trees are falling!


      Thanks very much, and sorry about the long winded post…….


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