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      hey everyone,

      I’m looking into purchasing a second video camera for my wedding company. I’ve been shooting weddings for 2 years now and I’m presently shooting with a Canon XA20. I’m looking to upgrade into something better and looking to spend around 5000-6000$. I was leaning towards the sony HXR NX3 but i found out that the file formats are not that friendly with MACs ( which i edit with final cut pro X). I do not want to shoot with a DSLR. main attributes that I’m looking for is great low light capabilities since it will be mainly for wedding videography and other social events. also with 4K starting to become popular will it be worth it to possibility sped a little more and get a camera with 4K? Looking forward to seeing which cameras you guys recommend.


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      Are you unhappy with the performance of the XA20? If not, consider just buying a second one. Having two matched cameras makes editing easier because you don't have to spend so much time trying to get your results to match.


      Due to budget constraints, I've shot many weddings with mismatched cameras and it has always been a frustration to me. I love shooting weddings – not so much editing them.


      As for 4K… it will eventually become important, but think about the clients you are likely to have in the next couple of years. Is it important to them right now? Will you be paid more for having a 4K capable camera?


      In my opinion only, (and not knowing your clients or how much you're bringing in,) I would buy another XA20 for now and save up to purchase a pair of matched 4K cameras down the road when you know the investment will pay for itself. 4K is more than just the camera – it's computer processing power, it's RAM, it's fast storage, it's the ability to deliver a product in a format your clients can use and are willing to pay the bucks for.

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      Thanks for the reply. Yes I’m satisfied with my xa20. Only thing here is that a lot of people who don’t know anything about cameras is that appearance is important. I’m looking for something with great image quality and that is a decent size. The xa20 will become my backup camera.

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      I always use at least two camcorders for most of my wedding shoots.  If you're looking for an excuse to get the latest and greatest, I have trusted Sony.  Especially for low-light situations.


      Delwovideo has pretty much summed up considerations why you should stick with another xa20.  I can't think of anything to add, except – are you prepared for the extra hassle?


      If you have your heart set on 4k (I understand completely), maybe you should purchase two new camcorders?  Regardless – Good luck!!

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      Do you edit with a mac? I hear sony and macs aren’t too friendly…I was originally meaning towards the sony hxr nx3.

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      Ah ok..cause I edit on final cut pro X…apparently sony files and mac don’t work well together…

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      Im now looking at the JVC GY LS300. many people seem to be into this camera because of its diversity. I read a lot of reviews and lots of people love it and theres some that say that its low light capabilities are lacking…although ive seen some videos from this camera and it looks great..Since i am looking for a professional video camera for my wedding company low light is essential. 


      Anyone here have this camera and has some insight on the low light for this camera?


      Still open to suggestions for other cameras…but not DSLR video cameras…


      Thanks in advance

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      The JVC GY-LS300 4kcam,is a great camera,I used on documentaries and other projects,,
      not yet for weddings …for low light is good depend on the lenses you use.
      Here’s one of my first clips…..

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      No, I mainly edit on my Sager, Windows 7 Ultimate.  My editing platform is Premiere Pro CS5…

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