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      I have been making videos with my friends and im thinking of going into video production when i leave college (i will be participating in media courses at college, As im in my final year of secondary school) and i need some help with what sort of equipment i may need to make high quality videos and what i can to improve my videos, here is one of my videos that i have made with my friends. 

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      Just keep practicing. Make a lot of videos. Not all of them will be good, but they will get better as you learn from your mistakes.

      What kind of camera and equipment you need will depend on what kind of videos you want to make, but gear is less important than technique. Take the time to set exposure, white balance and focus. Spend time on composition and lighting. Get an external microphone for better audio. Use a tripod. Watch lots of videos and try to imitate the ones you like. Read Videomaker!

      Most important though, keep making video. That’s the best way to really improve. Good luck!

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      @ Nlajeune…. Can you kindly break this for an understanding "but gear is less important than technique" Thanks

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      Gear is still mighty useful though. See if you can get an entry level DSLR, most people start out with the Reble T3i, a Canon 70D would be better. The kit lens they come with will suit you initially, you can buy a 50mm 1.8 as well for around £50-£80. Rhode Smartlav and VideoGo should cover you for basic audio, then a cheap tripod. maybe a £200 Konig video tripod. It has to be a video tripod!! Don't get a photo tripod. They are cheaper, but for a reason..



Viewing 3 reply threads
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