Advice for shooting still image

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I'm a visual artist and amateur film maker. 
I wanna ask advice on shooting a still image video of an indoor space with dime lighting. 

The challenge is to make the video look so still that it can be mistaken for a image. I'm hoping to create the effect of watching a image on a screen which you can only notice to be a video by looking very closely. I hope my equipment is adequate. I have a D7000 canon to shoot with. 

A video with poor lighting often shows on the image surface as grains flickering, thereby creating a small sensation of movement in the image. This is what I need to prevent, but it is not easy since the room is not very well lit. 

The video is for a visual art piece. It will be shown in a art gallery on a monitor.


Thanks in advance for any advice on this subject

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Why a video when there is no movement in it? Why not use a still image?

If you must use video, lock down the camera on a tripod and open the iris as wide as it will go. Supplement the light in the room. You don't have to illuminate the entire room; just pick out some specific elements and illuminate them.