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      Hello, I am looking for some adivce. I am a videographer at a local race track, I am looking for help to ease my process.

      I currently use 3 action cams with large SD cards and expanded battery packs on the track and I use a DSLR in the stands.

      I am looking for a system or camera set up where I don't have to go down on the track and change cards and batteries every few hours.  I am looking into cameras or a system where I can remotely control the cameras via an App or A PC or Table. They can be wired or wireless. I was looking into a security system with a DVR or NVR but not sure if those would fit my needs. They need to be wide angle viewing like the 170° action cams, or at least close to. Waterproof is a bonus, if not I can take them down at the end of the night. 

      Thank you.

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      Newtek Tricaster, with remote cameras would do it nicely, although you didn't mention the critical thing – budget.

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      Budget is pretty low.

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      First there are battery packs all over the internet you can simply plug your cameras into that can power them all day long all over the internet. As for remote controls systems there are remote follow focus etc and remote zoom controls, and remote camera controls all on B&H photo, but it’s more expensive to get remote panning. So maybe just remote camera controls and preset your focus and angles for your budget. Any remote camera controller on B&H or Amazon will do it.

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      Im looking to get away from using the Go Pro action cameras, would a security system with a DVR be more what I need?

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      NO! security cameras are optimised for their specific purpose. Mind you, if your quality level is not expected to be very high, and the cameras not panned and titled live, they'll produce images. 


      We're usually backwards in the UK, but most of the track racing here gets fed to screens, and is cut live – and security type systems wouldn be acceptable at all – as the production is iffy. Security systems are good for wide angle static images, but as soon as you try to pan/tilt/zoom and focus, they get horrible quickly.

      I'd hate using this sort of equipment to record races?

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      Security cams and systems are designed to record all day which means they use very low bit depth quality footage.

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      what about a camera system that uses Super HD cameras. So any other options for high quality cameras that hook up to a DVR that wont break my credit card? Or should I stick with the Action Cameras with battery packs and large memory cards

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      If your clients have no compaints then stick with what you have already hands down. If they do have a complaint then rent what you need and charge them for the rental till you can purchase it. You should be investing in understanding how to build and grow a business through proper marketing before buying g gear you don’t absolutely need. If you constantly invest in gear you’ll end up with a lot of gear and no business. Spend your time learning how to expand and drive sales. Cold calling is something everyone should know how to utilize.

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      Im just trying to make it easier on me for editing the videos, The action cams require alot of time frame matching and I just wanted something to ease my process and make it easier. Thank you

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      Im just trying to make it easier on me for editing the videos, The action cams require alot of time frame matching and I just wanted something to ease my process and make it easier. Thank you

Viewing 11 reply threads
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