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       Hello, I am new here looking for advice. I am a videographer at a local Racetrack and I am looking for advice to upgrade and make my ease of use better.

      I currently use 3 Go Pro action cams with SD cards and expandable batteries on the track, and a DSLR for up top in the stands. The problem is they record for 6 hours continuosly and at the end of the night there is a bunch of wasted memory space taking up hard drive space. Also another main problem is going down on the track and changing batteries and camera cards if the race runs longer for some reason. 

      I am looking for a set up of cameras that have a wide angle view just like the 170° action cams or close to, wired in or have a battery that last long. If they are meant to be permanent then they should be waterproof, if not I can take them down at the end of night. 1080P or better. I looked into security systems that had a DVR or NVR but I'm not sure one of those are the right system for my needs. I would in a way want the cameras be hooked up to an app or a PC so I can control them remotely and stop recording in between races and during intermission. I'd like to do it somewhat on a budget, I don't make a lot from the videography yet. The track was open for a short season last year and this year I hope to double or triple my profits now that the track has given me more exposure over the winter preparing for the new season.

      Wireless would be ideal but the Wifi at the track isnt the best and I dont want to have to run wifi extenders but It is a soulution if there is a good wifi camera solution out there for me.




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