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      I'm not sure what to invest in as my fist real camera for making music videos (mostly) and the occasional short film.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  I would say I have about a $2500 budget, maybe $3000… Music videos is priority. 

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      Get a Panasonic GH4.  For around $1700, you can shoot in 4K, with excellent image quality.  You'll have to buy a lens, but it sounds like there is room in your budget for that.  With this camera, you can research the kind of look you want, and have unlimited options for lenses.

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      We really love the look of the Black Magic Cinema Cameras, which have recently gone down in price again. They are very affordable, offer fantastic dynamic range, pro-res recording onto a standard internal SSD cards instead of a more expensive proprietary cards found in many of the major camera manufacturers. Recently BMD came out with the URSA Mini, which has 15 stops of dynamic range, Super 35mm sensor, global shutter, and shoots at above 4k resolution. It’s an impressive camera. The only downfall is that it’s not shipping yet, and BMD is notorious for ignoring or forgetting about release-dates… they’re a great company with fantastic innovations for creative filmmakers on a budget like yourself if you can get past this undeniable truth and get in line with the masses for what could be a delayed release. Expected release date: July 2015.


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      If you are comfortable with DSLRs, and dont' currently own any lenses, the GH4 would be a really good choice.


      I currently use a Canon 70D (which I quite like, especially the autofocus,) but if I could go back in time and start over again, I would seriously consider the Panasonic GH line.


      If you aren't already an avid video producer, I would steer clear of Black Magic. They can make beautiful video, but can be very cumbersome to beginners.


      Please remember to budget for audio gear, lighting gear and other production necessities.


      Consider a camcorder, too. There are many out there that would suit your needs and be much easier to use on set.


      And if you intend to shoot in 4k, make sure you have a computer that is up to the task.


      Good luck!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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