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      ..not sure if this is the correct place to post it..

      I need to configure video conferences.
      With Skype and later with TV channels for online conferencing.
      Can someone please suggest how to realize the following things, as I am new in this field.

      The result that I would like to have:

      – The picture that people will see on the other side should be zoomed in and out (when different people are speaking)
      – Should have some sound managing device that will attached wired and wireless micphones
      – All this, if it is possible should be connected to laptop (Win7 or the best thing is Linux Mint 17)

      The simple configuration (as the first step):

      – Have a video HD camera Canon Vixis HF R40. Want to connect it to computer and use it as a web camera for Skype
      conferences. With the possibility to zoom in an out.
      When connecting directly with HDMI out or USB on the camera Skype not recognizing the camera.

      Is there any workaround to recognize this camera?
      Is there maybe any external device that will manage video and voice separatly and transfer the image to laptop in the way that Skype will recognize it? The sound should also have possibility to have at least 1-2 microphones and a connection to Speakers, and also to TV or projector (this also can be done from laptop, but best way from specific device)?

      The advanced configuration:

      – What would be necessary to have two or three cameras with different views and possibility to attach those pictures to Skype?
      Explication: those 2-3 video cameras will have different pictures during video conferences and then inside some software I will decide which picture, from which camera will be shown in present second in the online Skype conference.
      – With this also need some sound managing devices with wireless-microphons, speakers, and also wired microphones, headsets.

      Can you please advise software, hardware to realize those things?
      Maybe their is an open source softwares for those things?

      Thank you.

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      I think you will need to be a Projector.

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      david lawson

      we think you just need to use a video capture card to set it workable,check the link below:
      You could contact Mr.Jack for

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      You seem to have a lot of work to do. I’m not an expert, but I think you can check this software ( There is an information there that can help you to find out how to split webcam video to several programs with the support of HD video resolution. I’ve tried this programme and found it very useful. I hope it will help you.

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