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      I am working on some music animations, and I am trying to figure out a way to map out my animation to the bpm of the music I'm animating to, just curious if anyone might have any advice.


      I know that this isn't the most practical way to handle the video files, but I really want the video to be perfectly synced with the music. Here's a detailed example of what I'm trying to do:


      I have a song that is 83.7 bpm, and I would like to animate so that there are 32 frames per beat, meaning that every 32 frames is a downbeat to the song. According to fps/bpm calculators (like, I should animte at 44.64fps.


      My animation program can only handle whole number fps. Currently my latest idea is to pitch my song up 0.06 semi-tones so that the song is at 84bpm. With this bpm, I could animate at 42fps at 30 frames per beat.


      If I do this, I would have to slow the video down 0.06 semi-tones (which is -0.36%) so it goes back to the original 83.7bpm and is at the original pitch.


      Is this possible? If so, is it bad practice to have odd fps videos for the internet? They will be going on YouTube/Vevo.


      Should I aim to convert the final products in time, pitch and fps? So aim to convert it down to a standard 24fps or 30fps while still making the tempo/pitch shifts I need to make to the song at the end?


      Appreciation for any ideas.

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