Adobe Premiere Pro DeNoiser Filter has 2 Second Delay Before Reducing Noise On a Clip

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hey all,


      I was hoping someone might have some more information on this than I have. I've been using Adobe Premiere Pro's DeNoiser filter for quite some time to get rid of mild background noise in some of the audio in some interviews I've shot. However, I've found that the DeNoiser filter needs about 2 seconds to determine the sound floor and the kind of noise before it reduces the background noise. Initially, I thought this would only happen the first time I placed this on the audio track in order to find the noise floor, but have found, to my dismay, that every time I play back my audio track it always has a 2 second delay before reducing the background noise. Even when I exported the audio and video, the 2 second delay still persisted.


      I've been told and have read that checking the "Freeze" checkbox can solve this problem. However, I have found that copying and pasting the DeNoiser on the same interview throughout my timeline results in no reduction of background noise. I seem to have to uncheck the "Freeze" checkbox on each audio clip, let it analyze, then freeze it again to get rid of the delay AND reduce the noise. Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there an elegant solution around this?





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      Hi Daniel,

      did you solve this problem? I can not find a solution.


      Thank you


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      Hey Bellearte,


      Thanks a lot for the link. Really helped me out.




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      If you have noisy audio in Adobe Premiere Pro you can use Audition to clean it up. Right click on the clip in Premiere’s Timeline and choose Edit in Adobe Audition. I found the following information really helpful when trying to repaire a noisy audio.

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      I found the SOLUTION!!!! So happy!



      look what the member "11. abrapiro14" wrote. It worked for me.




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