adobe elements OR Cyberlink Powerirector?

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      I have narrowed it thus  far to these two, although if something better is out there, I am open to that. We want to be able to take the video clips that we shoot and edit sound, video, enhance etc  Also, at times, to convert to cartoons, add titles, music dubbing, burn on dvd as well as upload to youtube.  Special effects  programs would be nice, if they work. If that can be done. Thanks for suggestions

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      I would choose from Sony Creative Software products (eg. Movie Studio Platinum 12):   

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      we had Sony Vegas and it never worked. BIG waste of money. 

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      AvatarLaguna Hiker

      I'd vote for Premiere Elements. It has about 80% of the feature set of Premiere Pro, and there is a lot of community support for the program on the web. It has built-in YouTube and Vimeo renderers/uploaders, and its titler is pretty decent. I used it for a long time with Photoshop for high-end titles and effects that required multiple layers. But I could have done most of what I did in Elements alone. (I've since moved up to Premiere Pro and After Effects.)

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      Never had a problem with Sony Vegas. It is only program I have used so with that in mind I can't compare it to others. Like Laguna I hear Premiere Elements is good.


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