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      With image files like jpeg it is easy to add geotags and change the date taken on them if they are missing or incorrect with some software. I have just scanned all of my old family photos and got them on our computer and I have added the date taken attributes and geotags to all the photos so they are well oganized.


      I also had some old VHS tapes I have transfered over to my computer as a mp4 file. But the date taken on the videos are all in 2018 when each videos record date is not 2018. I also want to add geotags to them so I know where they were recorded and I do know where each video was recorded.


      Is there a software for Windows or Linux that can add geotags and change the date taken of the video. If another video filetype besides mp4 can do this I am open to converting my videos to another format but I prefer mp4 since it has the smallest file size compared to other common video formats. The reason I want to add all of this detail to my photos and videos is so if I choose to use Google Photos, Flickr, Capsule, Pholio, etc the files will already be organized and when they are put on the device or cloud it will not be messy. Every file then can be found by searching up location, date, tags, etc and I would have a well organized family digital archive which is universal and can easily be backed up.


      Thanks in advanced

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      UPDATE: I found a way to add the encoded date (AKA Date Taken) to a .mp4 file by changing the date and time in your computer settings to the date and time you want the video to be made and then converting it with a video program like VLC. Its not the easiest but it works for now. And if you have trouble changing the date and time settings in Windows and you are tech savy you can install Virtualbox and install Ubuntu and transfer the videos into your Ubuntu virtual machine and change the time and convert it with VLC.

      If anyone knows of a way to add geotags to a video please let me know.

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