Add effects in real time over live recorded footage

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My current project involves adding realtime effects to live footage. It involves face detection and then tying a turban/pagdi around the viewers head in an exhibit in realtime. Can anyone please help me with the software and equipments that can help to meet the requirements. Also I would like to know the procedure how vfx can be added and modified in realtime based on inputs from live  video feed.



I use Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4d and Maya for production purposes.


Thank you.

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It's not entirely clear what you're trying to do, but it sounds as though a device such as the Tricaster 40 ( might do what you need. If you want to work in real time you're probably going to have to put some kind of effects generator in the work flow. Back in the days of analog video this would have been a Panasonic MX-50; today's equivalent is probably one of the Tricaster devices.




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Yeah, it sounds like you are going to need some sort of DVE device (digital video effect).  It is what a lot of television stations use to make graphics and effects you see on the news.  I would search the web for different DVE devices, although I have a feeling most of what you find might be very pricey.  Do a little research and I'm sure you'll find something for the average consumer.