Add clip to multiple video files?

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      Hello! first of all I want to say hello to everyone! I'm new to this forum so maybe a little intro would be fine…

      I love making and manipulating videos for entertainment purposes, I do it as a hobby (well, started like 2 weeks ago..)

      I'm using Adobe Premier, After Effects and Sony Vegas (all trials) but as I already used this programs before I know the basics and intermediate tools of all of them.


      Well, there is something I can't figure out how to do so I need some help..
      I need to "add" a clip to a lot of video files, let me explain..

      I have more than 30 different video files (showing 5 minutes some random stuff like buildings, streets..) and I need to add an "intro" (wich is another 15 sec video file in another folder) at the beginning of all of them. Is there any fast way to do this? Or will I have to go one by one adding it manually?


      Thanks in advance!

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      Yes you have to do it individually.


      If I'm  understanding you correctly, your wanting a new intro added to video's you have already rendered. I have to do this for clients all the time with minor changes then it takes 3 hours of waiting because I missed some little thing they wanted.


      I would suggest making a default file structure for all your video projects so they are easy to re-visit down the line.

      Here is mine:


      -New folder (name of project)








      –Project Files (Where I save the .sav or project files)


      Then make a copy of that ever new project and just rename it to the project. Keeps everything neat and tidy and helps you when you have to go back to it. Also helps if you archive different drafts of each project say you want to go back because you don't like a change you made.



      Good luck,



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