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      I just wanted to know how to add an additional video onto a film while a video is already playing.

      Example: If a person is talking to someone on the phone (and on the screen) the other person is shown on the screen as well but seperated by a space? the two videos are recorded seperately but theyve added them together in one scene.

      im sorry if that doesnt make sense.



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      well it depends on your software

      you must have the ability to add an additional 'timeline' or 'pip' (picture in picture)

      it's really obvious when you have multiple time lines so I'm guessing you don't.

      You also didn't give possible responders much to work with…

      as in, what software you are using.

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      AvatarPine Fresh Media

      As Bruce points out, this possible but all depends on the software you're using. A lot of the basic video editing programs can struggle with this, but if you're using any of the professional editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid, Vegas etc, they'll easily be able to accomblish this. You'll just need to change their size so that both can fit into the same frame.


      Good luck!

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